•   Theatre and Drama for Youth and Others

Youth participants are mainly university/college students. The objective in working with this group is to use drama and theatre to help them in their search for self-identity along with enrichment of personality, and, to identify young theatre enthusiasts who would carry on the work and spread it further into society.

  1. Plays: In its most highly developed form, dramatic expression takes the shape of plays performed to audiences. Plays are produced primarily in English and Hindi. The emphasis is on discipline, experimentation and new forms of presentation. The Playhouse does not necessarily create productions to be part of ‘Event’ celebrations.
  2. Workshops: These are conducted for universities/colleges, institutions, industries or any other organisation with the aim of enhancing group co-operation, enriching staff potential and developing communication skills. Workshops are also conducted for groups who want to learn theatrical skills, experiment with the media and explore personal range of expression. These sessions also help people evaluate themselves in relation to others.
  3. Training Camps: The main objective of these camps is to diffuse knowledge about the value of theatre and drama in education, life skills and the strategies and methodologies required in using the medium with students and others. Special training camps are held for teachers of pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. The main objective of working with this group is to make aware, encourage and enable teachers of young children to use drama and theatre as part of the educational system and process of development. The same is true for theeducators/teachers who interact with the “young adult” of present times; and must constantly upgrade their skills and endeavour to make ‘learning a yearning’ – not only for the students but for themselves too!
  4. Special Groups: Persons desirous of using drama and its related disciplines/techniques of Communication are offered special sessions for themselves and for those with whom they are concerned, e.g., parents of developmentally challenged children (after due assessment), have found it extremely useful in the form of group counselling sessions as-well-as in improving their own interaction with children. Private and individual sessions are also undertaken.
  5. Corporate Workshops for HRD training involving language and communication skills.
  6. Progressive Schools: Planning and setting-up of a Language & Drama Club.