•   The Playhouse

Many years ago, when I started The Playhouse, the idea was not just Theatre-in-Education, but it was also to give the young people of this country an opportunity to recognize and utilize their energies positively; to give them an environment of learning that was not threatening; an atmosphere where they had the courage to take their minds for a walk and ask questions; a place where they learnt not only to respect each other but the true meaning of Democracy; a comfort zone where they could think and relax; an interactive area where they learnt to apply a self-imposed discipline; a meeting ground of minds where they realised that aesthetics is a process of thinking; they learnt about Freedom - that there was a condition to it. That, to achieve freedom to do something they had to know what it was they wanted to achieve - a theme. That, if they wanted to be treated well by others then the process has to start within them first; to put into practise the responsibilities that go with the process of maturity. Freedom is a process of the mind that demands discipline – not regimentation. There is always a choice! It just happens to be the power over the mind. It depended on what they chose… Again, a process of the mind!

For many, The Playhouse became an area of exploring their lives through dramatic experiences where individuals believed-in and developed their creative process to overcome personal barriers of fear that inhibited their creativity.

The process of Enquiry and Revolution continues to be our greatest challenge and purpose!

The Playhouse is primarily a consultancy. It does not have any branches and remains a 'one-man-show'. It is not a training center nor does it involve itself in any activities concerning the training of young people and children for reality shows.