•   Special Assignments
  1. Co-ordinator and Liaison Officer for the International groups participating in the 2nd Asian Rainbow Week at New Delhi. An international event hosted by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and the Bal Bhavan Society, Vadodara.
  2. Co-ordinator for the eco-syllabi activities of the Gujarat Nature Conservation Society. Operational base Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary and Kachchh.
  3. Attached to leading schools in India to manage and create new modules for the development of Outward Bound Activities and other motivational/intervention programmes for staff and students.
  4. Investigative wildlife and environmental reportage.
  5. Dramatherapy Unit at the Paediatric ward of the S.S.G. Hospital.
  6. Part of a very small voluntary group involved in the post-earthquake succour of artisans of Kachchh.
  7. As Director of the Living with the Tiger Project, planning and supervision of programmes involving the Mahout community within the Corbett Tiger Reserve and the villagers and lower ranking staff within the Binsar Protected Area. Also, co-ordinating community welfare projects for the villagers of Lata in Uttarakhand, India.