•   Outward Bound Programmes

Inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh Programmes that were once an integral part of good schools in India, The Playhouse frames its Outward-Bound-Programmes to promote young peoples’ adventure spirit; to foster self-reliance, physical fitness and compassion for others; to develop cultural exchange between young people within the country and at the International level too. Needless to say, this greatly contributes to larger issues like multi-cultural understanding and integration amongst the youth who are future citizens of the world.

Meticulously studied trip-modules/lesson plans, working as an Extension School, are designed that help enhance personal growth through experiential learning and increase awareness about various subjects like the environment, ecology, wildlife, history, geography, architecture, archaeology et al. The planning is done with extreme care so that they do not become the run-of-the mill ‘touristy packages’ – a mere mediocre outing. The programmes lead to the expansion of an individual child’s perception of the world – where the mirror of the mind becomes a window with ever-growing frames.

Apart from trips within India, The Playhouse has successfully organised educational exchange programmes abroad.

The Playhouse also undertakes Outward Bound Training – a corporate training programme popular for its ability to solve a whole lot of issues that cannot perhaps be even raised in classroom situations. These programmes are based on the concepts of Dr. Kurt Hahn, a thinker, philosopher and outdoor person who believed that the outdoors has many lessons for city people who will enhance their personal thresholds as well as group thresholds. The most obvious benefits, as more and more corporate houses are discovering, are in the core areas of team-building, leadership development, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills.

Experience in coping with the unfamiliar is a powerful aid and for the ability to handle change. These programmes are not used to test physical fitness or expertise. The carefully structured exercises and tasks allow personal development and team building. Sites and courses are planned away from the cities. Accommodation can be from the comfortable to the luxurious, depending on levels or requirement.

It should be noted that The Playhouse does not operate as a travel/tour agency.

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